Your Wellness Biz Partner In Crime

Areas of Focus

Most businesses benefit from going through the following topics, in order. This curriculum is a derivative of the MINDBODY University teachings with our personal touch and experience interwoven to help give you solutions that have worked for others.  If you aren’t sure what you need, this is a great place to start!


  • All About KPIs.  Creating a Key Performance Indicator report for your business and understanding what these numbers tell you. Analyzing these numbers on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Analyzing and Improving Pricing
  • Creating and/or Improving Your Sales Process
  • Improving Client Retention, Creating Targets and an Action Plan
  • Creating Marketing Materials and Improving Your Website
  • Creating a Marketing Plan, Creating Targets and an Action Plan
  • Creating Better Systems for your Business: checking in at the front desk, online registration, staff management etc.

Some clients come to us with a to-do list or with very specific areas they’d like to discuss. The following are just some of the topics, in addition to the above, that we're happy to work with clients on.  If you want to discuss something not listed, just let us know.  We’ll be honest about what we think we can help with.

  • Overall Business Growth
  • Creating a Budget (to help with cash flow and to ensure you can pay yourself consistently!)
  • Customer Service
  • Hiring, Training, Staff Management
  • Payroll Analysis
  • Improving your Brand/Schedule and class/appointment offerings
  • MINDBODY Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • MB Biz Partners (See Resources page for more info on the partners we work with and recommend)
  • QuickBooks
  • On-Site Training/Consulting on MINDBODY
  • Advanced MINDBODY Technical Support (on an hourly/on demand basis)
  • Whatever you need!


Topics and materials are inspired by MINDBODY University, our mentor and colleague, Beverley Murphy of MINDBODY, and from our experience owning and operating our own businesses.

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