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We are big believers in being data and value driven in running our organizations. We recommend our clients look at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports on a regular basis so you can get a birds eye view of how your business is doing beyond your MINDBODY dashboard and start to accumulate a history to help with future projections. the KPI process helps you learn what is really going on in your business in multiple dimensions, as compared to others in your industry. Typical metrics analyzed include Revenue, Attendance, Auto-Pays/Memberships, Retention, Referral Sources, Series Analysis, and more. 


We are currently looking for someone to help with custom KPI reports & interpretation at this time.  Please check out iKizmet if you have a KPI need and are a MINDBODY customer.


Download a copy of a blank KPI spreadsheet with lots of great business details below.  You can also access our free webinar with instructions on how to fill out the spreadsheet below. MINDBODY Customers can also access some great KPI videos in MBU on Demand under Business Metrics & Financial Planning.


To Get Started

To get started you basically need to confirm a bunch of info and store a credit card in our online system. We will then reply with a time and cost estimate for you to confirm. E-mail or fill out the following form to get started. Be sure to submit the form if you go that route and we’ll be in touch!


KPI Request Form

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What to Expect
  • You will receive an e-mail from us confirming a cost estimate and time frame for your report. We will ask for your confirmation of this before moving forward.
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation & reminder from “Liberate Your Biz Online” that you are booked for an appointment called 'KPI Updates'. You do not need to be available for this session, this is when we plan on updating your report within the week.
  • You will receive an e-mail with an awesome, detailed, “more data than you thought you wanted to know about your business” report, on how your business is doing according to MINDBODY University standards. You will get an excel spreadsheet and a little report card of how things look according to the most important pieces of data from our perspective.
  • You will receive an e-receipt from “Liberate Your Biz Consulting”.
  • If you want to meet to discuss your results in detail, what they mean, and how they compare to other businesses in your industry, we am available to do so for an adjusted hourly rate, just let us know.
Terms & Conditions
  • We will omit free and social buying deals from retention calculations, unless you tell us otherwise. These typically should be done separately from introductory offers.
  • We may not include social buying retetention unless you let us know you are offering a social buying deal and what the item is named in your software.
  • We will calculate attendance & retention on your single, largest service category, unless you tell us otherwise. 
  • If you have more than one location we recommend you get a KPI report for each location.  Our fees will be adjusted accordingly. When we create a report for each location we will combine locations when looking at online sales & look at individual locations for retention as we feel it's a more accurate way to look at these pieces of data.
  • Please review your spreadsheet and report any issues or perceived mistakes to us within 1 week of receiving your report. We will review and fix any mistakes within 1 week. 
  • In the rare case that the KPI report updates take longer than the amount of time & price agreed to, We’ll be in touch and will never charge your card for more than we initially agree to without your permission. We will always report on the most important data first and to the best of our ability (revenue, recurring revenue, retention). We will also contact you letting you know details of any additional time and costs and will confirm if you want us to continue the work with an additional time/cost estimate. This very rarely happens and the times and prices quoted in your initial e-mail agreement are what you can expect to pay.


What The KPI Report Details
  • Revenue compared to same month previous year or month
  • Recurring revenue includes total recurring sales, unique individuals, as percentage of total revenue of similar categories, number terminated, number new
  • Attendance includes total visits, total unique individuals, average visits per month, number new students, number social buying deals or free series sold
  • Retention looks at all phases of the client life cycle - did they come back after their first visit, did they buy an intro offer, we're the intro students retained, and did the intro students convert to autopay
  • Online Sales, Referral Sources, Payroll, Membership Pricing, Pricing Analysis


What the KPI Report Looks Like


kpi main


kpi retention


kpi referrals





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